MT Marchetti Boosts Picking Efficiency and Speed with Modula Vertical Lifts

Case Study Summary

MT Marchetti, a leading manufacturer of tool holders for CNC turning centers, faced inefficiencies in their traditional storage system. By integrating nine Modula vertical lift modules, they drastically improved their picking speed and efficiency, handling up to 200 picks per hour. This transformation allowed them to store 18,837 square feet of material in less than 1,076 square feet, providing a significant competitive advantage.

The Challenge

Founded in 1972, MT Marchetti is a renowned manufacturer of static and driven tool holders for CNC turning centers. With a product catalogue of over 5,000 codes, their traditional shelving system was becoming increasingly inadequate. The old system required significant space, and the manual picking process was slow and prone to errors. During peak times, handling high volumes of orders was challenging, leading to delays and inefficiencies. The need for a faster, more reliable system that could streamline operations and enhance productivity was paramount.

The Solution

To address these challenges, MT Marchetti installed nine Modula vertical lift modules. The new system allowed for rapid picking, reducing the time from order receipt to assembly to just 20 minutes. During peak hours, the department could handle up to 1,800 picks, approximately 200 picks per hour. Thanks to Modula units, they can fulfill orders received at noon by 3 p.m.

The order fulfillment process is now much faster and more precise. The units bring the products to be picked to the operator, one by one, following the order lines. If two or three codes to be picked are in the same tray, it processes them in the correct order. Thanks to the double bay, the units bring two trays directly, speeding up the picking process. While picking from one tray, the next tray holding the following SKU to be picked is already prepared and ready in the bay for the next pick.

Moreover, the enclosed storage system protected materials from dust, ensuring they remained in pristine condition. This new setup eliminated the hazards associated with pallet trucks, external shelving, and ladders.

With the Modula units, MT Marchetti significantly reduced their space requirements, storing 18,837 square feet of material in just 1,076 square feet.

The system became the heart of their business, efficiently controlling production and operations.

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