Linea Light Optimizes Production and Protects Delicate Electronic Components

Case Study Summary:

Streamlining Production Processes with Modula’s Climate Controlled Automated Storage Solution

Modula helped Linea Light Group, a leading manufacturer of decorative and technical lighting fixtures, to streamline their production process by providing a Climate control automated storage solution for their delicate electronic components. With 1 Modula Climate Control unit, Linea Light Group has now total control over its production stages, ensuring quality materials and high-performance products for their end-users.

The Problem:

Protecting Delicate Electronic Components: The Challenge in Linea Light Group’s Production Process

Linea Light Group’s production process involves various stages, from design to prototyping, storage, assembly, and shipping of the finished product. Their delicate electronic components, such as printed circuit boards and LEDs, which are the heart of their products, are sensitive to moisture, which can damage them, invalidating their functionality and durability. Therefore, the need arose to store these delicate components in controlled temperature and humidity environments.

The Solution:

Optimizing Storage and Reducing Picking Time with Modula’s Temperature-Controlled Vertical Lift Module

With 1 Modula temperature control vertical lift module, ideally positioned at the beginning of the production chain between the material acceptance and assembly departments, Linea Light Group can now store their delicate electronic components in optimal and safe conditions.

The Modula’s vertical lift module has a height of approximately 36′ and houses 80 trays that are 13′ wide. This provides a total storage capacity of approximately 2,000 part numbers, with half of the capacity currently in use.

The Modula unit is directly connected to Linea Light Group’s management system, which coordinates the flows and automatically subdivides the component picking lists according to their location, significantly reducing picking time. This has significantly reduced picking time, eliminating the need for manual retrieval of components. Now, the user can access the part needed with a simple input of the component code into the copilot.

Thanks to Modula’s solution, Linea Light Group can maintain optimal and safe storage conditions for delicate components such as LEDs throughout the production phase.

With improved manufacturing efficiency, Linea Light Group can continue to provide high-quality lighting fixtures to its end users.

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