Metro Los Angeles

Metro, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is the transportation planner, designer, builder and operator of the Los Angeles County’s transportation system. Los Angeles is one of the country’s largest, most populated counties with over 93 stations and 105 miles of service.

Metro has been constantly expanding its facilities to meet the growth of the rail system’s operations.

Modula was part of a competitive bid as Metro was looking for an automated storage solution that could help them to keep the right amount of parts at the right location and support future growth. Due to their funding requirements, one of their most important one was for the automated storage solution to be made in the USA. With that being said, Modula checked off all the right boxes.

Thanks to the installation of a MX50, more than 540 ft2 of parts inventory is now stored in only 96 ft2 (9m2).

Picking accuracy and speed has drastically increased, allowing a faster processing of sales and service orders. Parts are delivered directly to the fixed operator’s location where the picking or replenishment operations take place. This reduces the movements of goods and the cost of potential damages during the transportation. Furthermore, thanks to many safety features including security light curtains, the operator is optimally protected against accidents as all movements on the unit are immediately halted if the safety light barrier is interrupted.

As Eric O’Connor, Senior Manager, Inventory Management states, “having everything in the right quantity at the right space at the right time… it’s perfect and that’s what we like.”

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