Marposs Enhances Logistics Efficiency with Modula’s Horizontal Carousel

Case Summary

Marposs, a global leader in precision equipment required an efficient storage solution for their logistics center, mirroring the success of the 14 Modula Lifts in their production area and 10 in their warehouse/shipping area. The challenge was the limited ceiling height in the logistics center, which made the installation of vertical lift modules unfeasible. Marposs found the solution in Modula’s Horizontal Carousel system addressing their unique spatial constraints and significantly improving inventory management in the logistics center .

The Challenge

At the Marposs headquarters in Bentivoglio, the logistics center required a storage solution that could efficiently handle a large variety of product codes and orders, a challenge compounded by limited ceiling height. This restriction made it unfeasible to use the vertical lift module system employed in other areas of the facility. Marposs needed an alternative high-density storage solution that could efficiently handle their complex and heterogeneous operations with precision, speed and efficiency.

The Solution and Results

Marposs resolved this challenge by installing the Modula HC Horizontal Carousel system. This system, which includes a horizontal carousel with three picking bays, a ‘logistics highway’ conveyor belt, a put to light system, and a sorting area, houses 856 shelves and 107 bins, efficiently managing 5120 cubic feet of inventory. Despite the spatial constraints, this solution provided a high-density storage capability comparable to the vertical lift modules, optimizing Marposs’ logistics operations.

The ergonomic benefits of this system are significant. It reduces the workspace needed for operators and minimizes their physical movements, thus freeing up considerable space for additional production centers and office areas.

The integration of the Modula Warehouse Management Software with Marposs’ existing systems has streamlined inventory control, improving accuracy and operational efficiency. The software’s dynamic allocation strategy for product storage, based on different weights and properties, further enhances the effectiveness of the logistics operations.

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