lnnomed, lnc. is an ISO certified company that manufactures orthopedic surgical instruments, based out of Savannah, GA. Founded in 1987 by owner James Anderson, the company has grown from manufacturing only one product, to today where lnnomed, lnc. now manufactures thousands of unique instruments, many of which were designed by orthopedic surgeons in search of a unique tool for a specific task.


The biggest challenge for lnnomed, lnc. was that they were experiencing issues with warehousing their inventory as it arrives from manufacturing and then having to make space available to store items. Previously instruments were stored on and picked
from shelving, which occupied too much floor space, was too inefficient and presented ergonomic risks when having to access items. lnnomed, lnc. staff had to walk through their warehouse area and climb ladders if items were in elevated storage areas. A second challenge for lnnomed, lnc. with storing their various instruments is that often items are oddly shaped with large radiuses and curves. Storing these items tend to take up a lot of space. The only option available to lnnomed, lnc., if they wanted to stay
within their existing building, was to go vertical and utilize all of the available ceiling height for their storage.


Modula was selected to help lnnomed, lnc. achieve their goals and improvements needed for their storage and picking operations. A pair of Modula LIFT MLS0D VLM units are used to store a wide range of instruments, allowing lnnomed, lnc. to greatly recover previously used floor space, while increasing user productivity and ergonomics.

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