Inim Cuts space Needs by 65% and streamlines operations with Modula Vlms

Case Summary

Inim Electronics, a leading European manufacturer specializing in safety and security systems, was facing inefficiencies within its warehouse operations. Manual processes and static racks were contributing to costly picking errors and underutilized space. They sought to re-engineer their manufacturing departments and integrate new production lines.

Thanks to the installation of Modula Vertical Lift Modules, Inim was able to reduce warehouse space and add new production lines. Approximately 70,000 packages, including over 1,000 unique items, are now safely stored within Modula units. All operations are now more efficient, making all processes faster, error-free, and ergonomic.

The challenge

Before the integration of Modula storage systems, Inim Electronics faced significant challenges in warehouse management. Static racking systems and manual processes for inventory management, picking, and FIFO (First-In-First-Out) created inefficiencies. Operators had to navigate the warehouse, manually searching for components, resulting in delays and errors.

Another main challenge was posed by the nature of some of their stored parts. Electronic components are very sensitive to dust, dirt, and other potential contaminants and can be damaged by electrical discharges. They needed to find a safe way to store and protect these parts.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Inim Electronics implemented four Modula Slim units within the circuit board department and two Modula Lift MX to house electronic components, assembled boards, and testing materials. These six units now efficiently store over 70,000 packages encompassing over 1,000 unique items, resulting in a remarkable 65% reduction in floor space previously occupied by conventional racking systems. The newfound space allowed for layout improvements and the introduction of additional production lines and equipment.

Modula’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) seamlessly integrates with the company’s ERP system, expanding its functionalities and streamlining operations. During picking, the operator scans the products using the barcode reader. The WMS system then retrieves the tray from the correct compartment, following a FIFO logic. These improvements have led to significantly faster, more efficient, and completely error-free procedures. The work environment is now safer and more ergonomic.

Delicate electronic components are stored in a dust-free safe environment and are protected by electrical discharges thanks to the ESD protection in each tray.

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