IGB boosts warehouse operations to meet growing demand with Modula Solutions

Case Study Summary

IGB, a Colombian company specializing in distributing motorcycle parts, tires, and accessories, has built a strong reputation for its commitment to quality over its 25-year history. With a focus on its own brands, such as Revo and Timsun, IGB aimed to optimize their warehouse operations. Their objectives included optimizing floor space utilization, increasing order preparation efficiency, and reducing picking errors, leading them to partner with Modula for a solution.

The Challenge

Over a decade ago, IGB shifted its focus toward establishing its own brands while upholding its commitment to product quality. To support this initiative, they needed a better warehouse space utilization, and a more efficient order preparation process for their wide range of motorcycle parts, crucial for maintaining their quality assurance standards.

The Solution

A board member who was already familiar with the company initially suggested the introduction of Modula Automated solutions. Recognizing the potential benefits, IGB acquired its first Modula Lift MX50D three years ago, followed by a second Modula Lift ML50D two years later.

The two Modula units, occupying an area of 258 square feet, have expanded IGB’s distribution center’s footprint by 6,458 square feet, equivalent to 1,800 pick locations. This optimization allowed them to accommodate the growing volume of orders with ease.

In addition, the solution significantly streamlined onboarding, training, and coaching processes, saving IGB nearly 90% of valuable time and resources. Just one person now operates the two Modula units.

Furthermore, the integration of the two Modula Lifts with Modula WMS and a picking station has significantly expedited order processing, eliminating the need for users to navigate the area searching for individual references. The setup allows for consolidating multiple references in one location, enabling the simultaneous handling of up to 45 orders. As a result, IGB has gained a 35% efficiency improvement for each motorcycle part order.

Key Benefits of Modula VLM

  • MX50D with 96 trays, 39 feet high stores over 2,747 ft2 in just 399 ft3
  • ML50D with 96 trays, 39 feet high stores over 3,627 ft2 in just 504 ft3
  • Easy integration of Modula WMS software expedites order processing times
  • Increased picking accuracy and efficiency enabling 45 orders to be handled simultaneously
  • Easy and intuitive machines for streamlined onboarding and training 

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