Ferramenta El Mama Enhances Efficiency and Customer Service with Modula VLMs

Case Study Summary

Ferramenta El Mama, a long-established hardware supplier, faced space and logistical challenges due to significant growth. By integrating a 36-foot Modula vertical lift module across two floors, they optimized space usage in their multi-story building, streamlined material handling, and improved customer service. The automated system reduced manual labor and increased operational efficiency, making their processes faster and more precise.

The Challenge

Ferramenta El Mama, founded at the end of the 19th century, had established itself as a key supplier for companies in Val di Fiemme and beyond. As the business grew, they needed to expand to a new site and sought a flexible solution that could seamlessly integrate into their four-story building. The main challenges were to maximize the available space, facilitate the procurement of materials, and improve the retail operations. Manual handling of bulky and heavy goods was labor-intensive and slow. Moreover, it often leads to accidents and inefficiencies, such as boxes falling and creating extra work.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Ferramenta El Mama installed a 36-foot Modula vertical lift module, which provided a centralized storage solution for all their small parts. The Modula ML75D, with a second bay at height, connected the shop on the first floor to the warehouse below. This ensured fast and precise service for customers.

The automated system allowed for the efficient unloading and stocking of large boxes using a forklift, eliminating the need for manual labor and reducing the risk of accidents. The touchscreen interface enabled quick and easy retrieval of items, improving the speed and accuracy of customer service. The Modula system also enhanced sales by displaying a selection of items to customers, encouraging additional purchases, and fostering better customer interactions. This smart, functional solution transformed their operations, making them faster, less labor-intensive, and more customer-friendly.

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