Energostar optimizes Heavy Industrial Equipment Storage with 2 VLMS

Case Study Summary

Energostar, a leading company in the Baltic states for the assembly and sales of heavy industrial equipment, faced challenges related to the storage and retrieval of parts and components for their production and after-sales teams. This resulted in a slow and inefficient process, along with limited storage space. To overcome these challenges, Energostar implemented two Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) outside their warehouse, which consolidated their inventory and improved efficiency. Additionally, the installation of the VLMs helped recover almost 90% of the storage space, while the use of Modula Green technology reduced energy costs.

The Challenge in Storage and Retrieval of Heavy Industrial Equipment

Energostar encountered several challenges in its operations. Firstly, the parts and components required for both production and the after-sales team were stored in separate areas, leading to a slow and inefficient picking and assembly process for both departments. This not only caused delays but also increased the chances of errors and reduced overall productivity. Furthermore, the company faced space constraints and needed a better storage solution to accommodate its growing inventory.

The Solution

To address the challenges, Energostar implemented two Modula VLMs outside their warehouse. The first unit, a Modula Lift MX1000D, was installed with a height of 26.5′ and equipped with 64 trays. The second unit, a Modula Lift MA100D, stood at 29′ with 53 trays. Each unit had a payload capacity of 2,000 pounds per tray and a total payload per unit of approximately 110,000 pounds. The VLMs featured a sliding console, an alphanumeric bar, and the Modula green option.

By utilizing the Modula VLMs, Energostar achieved significant improvements. Consolidating all components in one area allowed for faster parts retrieval, streamlining the picking and assembly process of the heavy industrial equipment, for both the production and after-sales teams. This resulted in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity. Additionally, the external installation of the VLMs proved to be a space-saving solution, enabling Energostar to recover almost 90% of its storage space.

Moreover, the implementation of Modula Green, a special inverter that generates energy from the VLM’s movement, brought additional benefits. Energostar was able to reduce energy costs while maintaining optimal functionality and performance of the VLMs.

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