Enercon Technologies Boost Storage with Modula VLMs

Enercon Technologies is a contract manufacturer of electronics instrumentation, specializing in medical devices life sciences, military and industrial instrumentation.


The company’s 30,000-square-foot facility was divided between manufacturing and storing devices and the tools used to create them. With its traditional shelving storage system, Enercon faced the typical problems associated with such systems – slow retrievals, inaccurate picks and uncertain inventory tracking. As part of an expansion, the company wanted to refine its use of storage space, protect parts of dust and debris, and retrieve them more efficiently.


Installing six Modula VLMs nearly 32 feet high through two building floors has completely changed the way they store their inventory. By implementing vertical storage solutions, they have dramatically reduced the space needed for storage, better protected fragile electrical components and made the manufacturing and storage process much more efficient.

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