Enercon Technologies

Enercon Technologies is a fully integrated design and build center for electronics instrumentation, specializing in medical devices life sciences, military and industrial instrumentation.

Before the introduction of Modula automated storage solutions, they were operating out of a 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space, with half of the facility space tied up with inventory on racking systems.

While going through a large expansion in their facility in Maine, Enercon decided that the most effective and cost-efficient way to support the growth, increase their storage capacity and picking efficiency, while decreasing their floor space, was to integrate vertical storage solutions in their plan.

The installation of six Modula VLMs – (2) MC50 & (4) MX50 – through two building floors, has completely changed the way they store their inventory.

Each VLM has 3 bays – 2 opposite bays on the first floor where the manufacturing process happens and 1 bay on the second floor which feeds their SMT circuit boards assembly line.

The VLMs are now used to store all the parts, and also conveniently act as an elevator for transporting parts between floors.

As Garrett D. VanAtta, Director Supply Chain, says: “The Modula systems enable us to pick components for kits much faster as the operators used to walk between sections, looking down rows of aisle trying to find a specific location. Now the parts get delivered right in front of them.”

Another key factor in their decision to integrate vertical storage solutions in their facility was the nature of their parts. Electronic components are very sensitive to dust, dirt and other potential contaminants and can be damaged by electrical discharges. Thanks to the enclosed system provided by the VLMs, all of their parts are now stored in a safe environment and are also protected by electrical discharges due to the installation of an ESD protection in each tray.

With the installation of the 6 Modula vertical lift modules, they are now storing over 6,749 ft2 (627 m2) of storage in less than 538 ft2 (50 m2) which will offer them ample room for future growth.

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