Modula VLM Helps Earnhardt Lexus Drive Efficiency in its Auto Parts Storage Department

Case Summary

Earnhardt Lexus is an Arizona dealership that had recently completed a new facility, and needed a solution for their auto parts storage department.

Auto dealership Earnhardt Lexus was looking for an optimal automotive parts department storage solution for its new facility. The department manager had used vertical carousels before but found they weren’t ideal because all of the parts were stored together in bins. The Modula VLM provided the separation of parts they sought for the 1,000-plus SKUs while also saving space and making a safer, more secure work environment.

The Challenge

How to maximize auto parts storage space and efficiency in a new car dealership

Earnhardt Lexus had created a new dealership facility and wanted an auto parts picking solution storage system that was up to date. They wanted to take advantage of the vertical space the new building provided, but Parts Manager Doug Payne didn’t like the vertical carousels he’d used previously.

With all the parts in a single bin, organization and retrieval were not optimal. The dealership also wanted to simplify the process for employees to retrieve parts and boost efficiency, as well as enhance the safety and security that traditional shelving processes often lack.

The Solution

A Modula VLM connected to the company’s ERP system provides an automotive parts vertical storage solution

Earnhardt Lexus bought a Modula VLM, the MC50D, to store its commonly accessed parts. Located only 10 feet from the parts counter, it made it easy for employees to retrieve more than a third of the parts they have in storage with just a short walk.

[A tray of parts is delivered] at a height where you can easily access it,” Payne says. “It’s well-lit so you can find the parts, and it’s much easier than being on static shelves.” Now Payne appreciates the flexibility of the storage options that allow the dealership to adjust where parts are stored and separated as their needs change. Safety systems prevent operators from placing their hands in the device when it’s not safe to do so and keep items secure within the VLM.

The VLM is connected to the company’s other parts-tracking software, a CDK system, to provide seamless inventory control and for operators to easily map product locations and quantities within trays. The combined system also allows workers to generate either a counter ticket or pick ticket as needed.

“It’s well-lit so you can find the parts, and it’s much easier than being on static shelves. “It’s a great product, it’s easy to use and it’s an asset to our organization.” —Doug Payne, Parts Manager

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