Conad Deploys VLM in Distribution Center Storage

Conad is a leading Italian retail chain of supermarkets, and Conad Nord Ovest is one of its member cooperatives, serving northwest Italy and Sardinia.


The organization wanted to accommodate growth without adding more space to its warehouse, which had a traditional shelving system. In addition, Conad Nord Ovest wanted to increase its overall productivity and reduce picking errors while easing the strain on its operators. It also sought a way to integrate its overall management of operations with its existing system.


Conad purchased 15 Modula Lift ML50D models, each of them more than 36 feet tall. With them, the cooperative could store 35% of the products housed in the warehouse in just 5% of its space. It could handle its daily shipments of 4,000 packages to 50 grocery stores efficiently an without errors. Additionally, Conad was able to easily integrate the Modula warehouse management solution (WMS) with the rest of the organization’s existing management software.

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