CMS Group Boosts Efficiency and Accuracy with Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Case Study Summary

CMS Group S.p.a, a leader in mechanical constructions for third parties, faced inefficiencies and high costs with their traditional shelving system. By installing Modula vertical lift modules, they drastically improved organizational efficiency, reduced picking times by 50%, and enhanced data accuracy and traceability. This transformation also freed up warehouse space for new assembly and processing stations, significantly streamlining their operations.

The Challenge

CMS Group S.p.a, founded in 1975 and specializing in sheet metal processing and various other mechanical constructions, faced significant inefficiencies and high management costs with their traditional shelving system. Storing around 5,000 article types, the process was time-consuming and costly, particularly in terms of picking and replenishment. These logistical challenges hindered their organizational efficiency and competitiveness. The need to constantly lift heavy weights and use ladders added safety risks and further slowed down operations.

The Solution

To address these challenges, CMS Group installed Modula vertical lift modules across all departments. This transition from traditional shelving to automated storage significantly improved their organizational efficiency, reducing picking times by 50%. The integration of Modula WMS with their SAP management software increased data accuracy and traceability, allowing for more precise inventory management. The new system not only optimized material handling but also enabled a complete redesign of the warehouse layout, freeing up space for additional assembly and processing stations. The user-friendly interface of the Modula lifts eliminated the need for ladders and printouts, allowing operators to access materials quickly and safely from their workstations. This transformation significantly streamlined CMS Group’s operations and exceeded their initial expectations.

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