The leading provider of modern storage solutions and inventory management systems

Modula is a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions, designed to optimize space and improve picking and storage operations for any industrial sector or environment. Our vertical lift module (VLM) line maximizes the storage potential of high-ceiling facilities, securing items in enclosed units up to 54 feet tall. Our horizontal carousels are ideal for low-ceiling environments, as well as those seeking maximum throughput. For both solutions, automated delivery dramatically increases productivity and saves operators from unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to optimize the intralogistics of all businesses, regardless of their size or industry, by delivering the best automated storage solutions. Our high-tech manufacturing standards reflect our commitment to innovation, allowing us to deliver value to our customers worldwide.


SINCE 2014





Leading the way since 1987

Branch opens in Singapore

Modula opens the South East office in Singapore. The Lift range is expanded.

New plant planned for Ohio

Modula begins planning for a new factory in Franklin, Ohio. The Modula Slim is introduced at the LogiMAT conference in Germany.

Modula opens new subsidaries

Modula opens four new storage solution subsidaries across Mexico, China, and Spain. The Modula Lift New Generation is released with upgraded features. Modula’s OnePick enters the market.

Production facility expands to China

Modula’s production facility in China is created. The Modula Cloud software is developed to monitor the performance of all warehouses. Modula ends the year with sales of 2,150 machines.

Modula enters UK, India markets

Modula launches operations in the United Kingdom and India. The OnePick prototype is shown at CeMAT. A total of 1,500 units are sold during the year, 200 of which are in the U.S.

U.S. factory established in Maine

Modula is officially an American product, with production in Lewiston, Maine. $10 million are invested in automation and the facility itself.

Modula sells 1,000 machines during year

Modula sells 1,000 of its units worldwide in 12 months, a first for the company.

Modula OneTon introduced

The Modula OneTon added to the lineup, providing a load capacity of 2,182 pounds.

Reseach begins on anti-seismic solutions

Modula begins researching ways to ensure products can withstand earthquakes.

Modula Sintes1 introduced

The Modula Sintes1 is released as a smaller, lighter version of the Modula Lift.

Modula Lift enters market

The Modula Lift is officially launched into the automated storage market.

Germany gets Modula representation

With demand for its products continuing to grow, Modula adds an office in Germany.

Branch established in France

Modula opens a new office in France as part of its European expansion.

Modula enters U.S. market

Modula opens its first office in the United States.

New touchscreen interface introduced

The new technology allows operators to interface directly with Modula VLMs.

A new way to store material is introduced

Modula introduces a revolutionary vertical storage system, widely acclaimed due to its design that reduces ground space up to 90%.