Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Transform Your Warehouse With Innovative VLM Storage Solutions

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Modula VLM Benefits

Explore the benefits of our Vertical Lift Modules designed for warehouses and distribution centers.

Save Space

Our VLM reduce the floor space needed for storage, saving up to 90% of space in your warehouse.

Inventory Management

Our solutions ensure streamalined inventory management with real time reporting.

Reduce Picking Errors

VLM increase picking accuracy via laser pointers, reducing errors and increasing order efficiency.
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Increase Employee Safety

Vertical Lift delivers items to the picker, reducing physical strain and increasing employee safety.
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Main benefits

Available Modula VLM Models

Modula Lift
Modula Lift
Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, the Lift is used by businesses everywhere to modernize their operations.
Modula Slim
Modula Slim
Modula Slim is the perfect choice for smaller settings in which floor space is at a premium…
Modula One Pick
Modula OnePick
The OnePick added a special picking bay to the Lift design, seamlessly integrating with rollers, conveyors…