Modula Vertical Lift

From Small Retail to Distribution Centers, Modula Lift Boosts Productivity and Accuracy, Increases Storage Space, and Enhances Worker Safety

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Modula Vertical Lift Benefits

Available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, the Modula Vertical Lift is used by businesses across the globe to modernize operations.

Recover Space

Save up to 90% of floor space by taking advantage of high ceilings for vertical storage.
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Increase Productivity

Dramatically increase daily throughput with picking speeds of 300 lines per hour.

Improve Employee Safety

Reduce the risk of injuries by eliminating the stress and strain of reach.
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Boost Inventory Management

Monitor and document picking operations in real-time for accurate dat
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Experience Quick ROI

See a return on investment in as little as 6-18 months after implementing our solutions.

Accommodate Heavy Loads

Store and move heavy loads without strain using our robust Modula trays.
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payload capacity trays
Maximum Tray Payload
Accommodate up to 2,200 pounds per tray payload to hold heavy loads without strain.
Modula Lift external internal bay
Internal or External Bay
Opt for internal bays when floor space is limited or external bays for fast pick rates.
Single or Dual delivery bay
Single or Dual Delivery
Opt for single delivery for medium-throughput requirements and quick picking time, or dual delivery to reduce wait time and enhances productivity.
Made in the USA
Benefit from optimal shipping times and fast installation with the Modula Lift, made in the USA.

Modula Vertical Lift Features

The ideal storage solution for components, industrial products and spare parts across industries

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