E-Commerce Micro-Fulfillment: Space and Flexibility Reimagined

Download this guidebook to learn more about high-density, low-footprint and cost-efficient micro-fulfillment solutions for eCommerce.

In This Guidebook

You Will Find

  • An overview of the current challenges for small eCommerce companies

    Same-day delivery and immediate local-store pick-up are no longer perks for consumers; they are expectations.
  • In-store eCommerce fulfillment strategies that work

    Utilizing system-wide inventory, combined with local retail stores to fulfill customer orders across all channels.
  • Cost-efficient eCommerce micro-fulfillment solutions

    Highly scalable and cost-efficient micro-fulfillment solutions for retailers and all eCommerce requirements.

Guidebook Takeaways

Prepare Your eCommerce Logistics to Leep Up With Growing Demand
Meet consumer expectations
Online shoppers order from the brands they trust. They seek reliability, accuracy, and speed.
Handle a massive SKU proliferation
eCommerce brands need to handle large product inventories and categories, with a very high level of efficiency.
Choose an easy to implement automation solution
eCommerce brands need an automation solution, capable of becoming operational quickly with minimal disruption to throughput.
Automate with a scalable investment and quick ROI
A scalable and cost-efficient automation solution can give eCommerce brands a quick ROI and the flexibility to expand their system as they grow.

Featured Modula Solutions

Modula Warehouse Automated Storage Solutions

Modula Lift

Modula Lift reduces storage space and picking time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, and features a throughput of up to 130 trays per hour.

Modula Slim

The Modula Slim is a compact storage solution designed for limited floor space and twice the load capacity compared to typical vertical carousels.

Modula Horizontal Carousel

Modula horizontal carousels are ideal for high-speed order fulfillment applications and any low-ceiling environment.

Modula One Pick

The Modula OnePick is fully automated with an integrated robotic system, enabling it to run independently, without an operator.