Modula Slim – The Most Compact VLM on the Market

All the Benefits of a VLM with the Footprint of a Vertical Carousel

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Modula Slim Benefits

Designed to fit warehouses with limited floor space, Slim boosts productivity, accuracy, and inventory management within a minimal footprint.
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Optimize Space

As the most compact VLM in the industry, Slim takes up only 32.29 square feet of floor space.
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Increase Load Capacity

With a load capacity of over 55,000 pounds, Slim offers double the capacity of typical vertical carousels.
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Improve Picking Accuracy

Slim increases picking accuracy through alphanumeric LED bars and automated pointing lasers.
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Set Up In 48 Hours

Slim is built on a pre-assembled base module that ships quickly and can be installed in your facility in 48 hours.
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Benefit from an Ergonomic Workstation

Slim delivers materials to operators quickly and at the proper height for optimal efficiency.
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Experience Intuitive Control & Simple Operation

With an intuitive touchscreen interface and picking aids, Slim offers simple operation.
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Energy Efficient
Choose from a three-phase (480V) or single-phase (240V) power supply to consume less than 1.2kW/h.
Intuitive Control
Manage your inventory with an intuitive touchscreen interface and picking aids.
Advanced Storage
Store items of different sizes and weights and maximize your storage density.
Easy-to-learn design
Train your staff quickly and efficiently with Slim’s easy-to-learn design.

Modula Slim Features

Modula Slim is quick to install, easy to learn and simple to operate.