Modula Picking Solutions

Boost Picking Accuracy, Efficiency, and Reliability. Process More Orders in Less Time.

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Modula Picking Solutions

Modula Picking Solutions speed up material handling, boost picking efficiency and increase picking accuracy.
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Increase Picking Accuracy

Eliminate picking errors with light devices that direct operators to the correct location

Increase Picking Rates

Increase your throughput by picking and putting multiple orders simultaneously
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Enhance Worker Satisfaction

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction by eliminating cumbersome manual tasks

Set Up and Operate with Ease

Manage your operations with an intuitive interface and picking light aids
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Integrate Software

Monitor all operations with a real-time view of orders status and inventory
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A man operating a picking station in a warehouse.
Modula Put to light
Modula Put to Light
Fast, intuitive and scalable batch or multi-order preparation
Modula Picking Station
Modula Picking Station
Flexible solution for operations with multiple put positions
Modula Picking Cart
Wheeled to different areas to boost multi-order processing
Modula Picking App
Allows you to manage manual picking operations with a smartphone or tablet

Modula Picking Solutions

Modula automated storage solutions can be combined with our Picking Solutions for an easy to use and efficient picking process