Modula Put ti Light System

Modula Put to Light System

Modula Put to Light System is the perfect complement for our Put Station and Put Cart products.

Operating in batch or multi-order modes, the Put to Light System speeds your throughput, by making it possible to pick multiple orders simultaneously. By replacing pick tickets, shipping lists, and other paper-based methods, the Put to Light system minimizes picking errors, improves inventory accuracy, and boosts labor efficiency.

Thanks to the seamless integration with the Modula warehouse management system (WMS), all operations are monitored, offering a real-time view into orders status and inventory.

Put to Light System for a fast, intuitive, and scalable process for batch or multiple order preparation

  • Multiple order locations
  • Put-to-Light displays at each order location
  • Put-to-Light for order consolidation
  • Put-to-Light for batch picking
  • Real-time inventory and order updates
  • Scan or touch light validation to improve order and accuracy
  • Easy to use, easy to learn
Modula Put to light System - Put to light displays
Modula Put to light System - for batch or multi-order process

Put to Light: Technical highlights

  • OLED configurable display
  • Up to 7 colors